Glutathione is your primary detoxification system. Glutathione exists in every cell in the body, and your body makes it naturally. Due to genetic mutations, diet, toxins, and aging, the natural production of Glutathione may decrease over time. As production goes down, the methylation cycle which makes Glutathione becomes less efficient, leaving the body with higher and higher levels of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes weight gain, aging, and is a primary contributing factor in most known age-related diseases, including all the diseases on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of most common causes of death.

Production of Glutathione is very difficult to increase through supplementation. Traditional oral Glutathione has been shown to be largely ineffective at raising Glutathione levels. Injecting Glutathione through an IV can be expensive and typically requires a visit to a clinic.

However, HINNAO Glutathione makes direct supplementation both possible and affordable. An independent university study that was recently completed on our Nano Glutathione product showed a 466% increase in blood levels over baseline after just one dose. Read more about that study here.

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