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VHC Vitamin D Test Strips | Rapid Vitamin D Test Strips

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The VHC Vitamin D Test Strips work together with the VHC Vitamin D Reader, and both are needed to perform a 15 minute vitamin D test.

The Rapid Vitamin D Test Strips box contains the following:

  • 25 x Vitamin D test strips
  • 30 x capillaries (for blood collection)
  • 30 x sealed sample collection containing¬†buffer mixture
  • 1 x LOT-specific RFID card to program¬†VHC Reader
  • Costs per test strip = ¬£19.50
  • Total cost for pack = ¬£486.50

What is the VHC Vitamin D Test Kit?

The VHC Quantitative Vitamin-D Test currently allows a practitioner and client to see 25-OH Vitamin D results within 15 minutes from a simple finger prick blood sample.

The test strips in the pack allow for the sample (finger prick blood) collection.

The¬†Rapid VHC Cube Reader¬†(Sold Separately) is a high-precision optical reader for lateral flow test devices.¬†The cube contains patented high-resolution screening, which¬†enables the test to read¬†the control line’s intensity directly related to the number of target molecules (Vitamin D) caught by highly specific gold-labelled antibodies.

The VHC-Reader is programmed by the RFID card that contains the test-specific data and the LOT-specific quantitative calibration curve. This enables a quantification accuracy identical to those of routine remote labs.

This portable and compact device enables practitioners within their clinic to provide convenient, straightforward quantitative Vitamin D level results within 15 minutes.

If the test identifies a Vitamin D deficiency, the quantitative result from the reader then enables a practitioner to provide a personalised, accurate calculation of the amount of vitamin D3 I.U. needed through a targeted diet or supplementation plan to achieve a good blood level without any risk of an overdose or an under prescribing of the amount their client needs.

What is the Sensitivity for the VHC Vitamin D Test Kit?

The sensitivity of the VHC Vitamin-D Quantitative Vitamin D Test is 3ng/ml (7.5nmol/l). The sensitivity was determined by calculating the mean plus 3.3 times of standard deviation of twenty Vitamin D-free serum tests.

What is the Specificity of the Vitamin D Test?

30 Vitamin D-free serum samples were tested, all showing negative results, suggesting 100% specificity. No interference and cross-reactivity were observed with Bilirubin, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.

Scientific research and literature

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20675513/ –¬†Kurt A. Kennel, MD, Matthew T. Drake, MD, PhD, and Daniel L. Hurley, MD: Vitamin D Deficiency in Adults: When to Test and How to Treat





How to take HINNAO


Shake vigorously and mix well for 30 seconds for a consistent dose.


Squeeze the pipette to draw up the recommended dose.


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Hold in your mouth for 60-90 seconds, then swallow.