Terms of Business
Please note; these terms of business are subject to change. You will be notified of any future changes

Qualified HINNAO Practitioner – “you” “your” meaning HINNAO stockist license holder “clients” meaning your customers

Initial consultations
On becoming a registered HINNAO practitioner you are licensed to sell HINNAO Technology products. All new clients are required to have an initial consultation before purchasing the products from you or your company (the license holder). Clients can then repeat buy from the range without further consultation unless otherwise in your opinion deemed necessary or further beneficial for the client.

Refunds and returns
We HINNAO Technology are not responsible for returns from 3rd party clients, you (the license holder) are responsible for your own returns and refund policies.

Faulty Products
Faulty products will be replaced by us to you (the license holder). Please include photographs and a description of the problem.

UK Online Sales
To avoid and reduce the risk of products being sold in the UK at discounted prices online and without initial consultations, products can only be sold through official HINNAO affiliate practitioner pages*. If you wish to sell HINNAO products online for repeat orders and remote consultations we will build a custom free ecommerce website page for you (this can be added to your current website or stand alone).
*Webpage setup and hosting is free of charge. By using an official HINNAO ecommerce site you will benefit from the products being dispatched directly from us, order email confirmations to your customers and customer service responses regarding delivery logistics. You will receive 30% margin on all product sales through this page. You can monitor sales through your dedicated online portal. Payments will be made once a month to your account on orders over two weeks old.

Ecommerce Page Returns & Refunds:
Customers will have a 2 week return policy if the product is unopened, any faulty products will be handled and replaced by us.

Ecommerce Page Consultation Charge:
Initial consultations have a standard cost to the client of £25+VAT. Clients must first purchase a £25 consultation before booking. This £25 will be deducted from their first order.

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